Millions of Tiny Hoes

Soil Conditioning

Soil Conditioner

"Millions of Tiny Hoes"

For hard compacted soils we recommend doing what the pros do:
Drop down Tru-gyp™ Concentrated Minerals after aerating. Tru-gyp™ is a natural soil conditioner that works like millions of tiny hoes to loosen heavy clay soil. Tru-gyp™ improves the fertility and functioning of your soil.

Tru-gyp™ Benefits:

  • Is a certified organic plant nutrient and soil ammendment
  • Lets air and water penetrate, improves drainage
  • Reduces and retards soil cracking and crusting
  • Counteracts salt damage, replaces harmful sodium to permit the growth of grass
  • Increases fertilizer effectiveness
  • Adds vital nutrients, sulfate, sulfur and soluble calcium
  • Supplies essential calcium for cellular strength and plant vigor
  • May make 25%-96% more water available to plants
  • Reduces excessive runoff and erosion
  • Contains CaSO4 (calcium sulfate) to fight nutrient tie-up making many essential nutrients more available
  • Enhances positive bacterial action and discourages plant diseases related to poor soil aeration
  • Performs as an ammendment, conditioner and fertilizer
The best time to apply Tru-gyp™ is after the lawn has been mechanically aerated. The Tru-gyp™ will fall into the holes and work its way down deeper into the soil for more effectiveness.


Four Seasons Lawn Aeration INC. can apply Tru-gyp™ Concentrated Minerals for:

        Only $30 per 1000 sq.ft.

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