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We at Four Seasons thank you for visiting our web site. Since 1981 Four Seasons has been the industry leader in the service of aerating and dethatching lawns in San Diego County. We currently have over 18,000 satisfied customers who regularly rely on our service. We are licensed, insured and have been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 1994.

It is our company's policy to conduct our business in a manner that gives full attention to every detail in providing the best service to our customers. Our personnel are chosen for their enthusiastic and pleasant attitudes and are trained to give courteous and effective service on which you can depend.

Our goal is to deliver outstanding results in a manner that far exceeds the expectations of our customers. We realize customers are our number one priority. Our entire service is geared toward the one goal of pleasing the customer. Here at Four Seasons our mission is to keep our customers for life.



Superior Machines! Superior Service! Superior Results!

Since 1981 numerous homeowner associations, state and city parks, private and public schools, sport and industrial complexes, hotels and resorts, business parks and over 18,000 current residential homes have relied on Four Seasons Lawn Aeration INC. for their turf aeration service, because of our superior machines, service and results.

Four Seasons Lawn Aeration INC. uses only exclusive golf course type machinery. The aerating machines we use to service golf course putting greens are the same machines we utilize on residential lawns. It is a walk behind reciprocating aerator, that has more precision than the drum driven roll-type aerator, found in rental yards and used by most of my competitors.


Independent shafts averaging 2 to 3 inches in depth pull soil cores every 2 inches apart. We do not have to go east/west and north/south with the machines for a preferred service. We put holes in holes if we try overlapping. We have always been committed to doing the best work possible. When we saw the performance of the reciprocating cam driven machines we purchased several and never went back to the drum driven machines. That was nine years ago!
My competition uses drum roller driven aerating machines. They will tell you there is no difference in the performance of our machines vs. theirs or worse yet that they use the same machine as we do.


The drum driven aerating machine rolls over the lawn relying on the weight of the machine to penetrate the turf. This machine will only put dents in hard soils and do absolutely nothing in thick thatchy lawns. Our machines punch the turf and extract soil cores. Independent coring arms strike the turf with so much force that we extract wooden cores when we hit shallow tree roots. The only way we can do a poor job coring is to miss a section of the turf entirely.


My competition advertises that their machines are safe on sprinklers and they are absolutely correct. Prior to 1991, we used the drum roller driven machines and never punctured a sprinkler pipe. It's pretty hard to puncture pipe when you average an inch in soil penetration.
Our equipment is not safe on sprinklers! Our technicians are safe on sprinklers, guaranteed! Four Seasons Lawn Aeration INC. will repair any damage to pipes or sprinkler heads caused by our service. Our trucks are outfitted with all the necessary irrigation supplies for repairs and we always check your system before and after the service.


You do not have to sit around all day waiting. Please go to work, run your errands or just get out and play. That's the beauty of our service!


About 90% of the customers we service daily are not at home. After the service we leave a bill/invoice, addressed envelope, and special instructions for best results. Please inspect the work well done. If by accident we missed a portion of the lawn or if you have any questions, please call us, and we will respond as quickly as possible.


If for any reason you must be home for the service, please inform our staff so we can schedule an approximate time that is convenient for you.


As always, our competent staff is ready to provide you with the personalized attention and service you expect from the most professional lawn aerating company in the county. So, when planning your next aerating and fertilizing service, call the experts, at Four Seasons Lawn Aeration INC. (619) 299-2956.
Remember, superior machines superior service, superior results!


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Hi Friends!


I'm Dominic Carlos, president of Four Seasons Lawn Aeration INC., and I'm here to tell you it's time to give your lawn a breather…literally! Your lawn needs a breath of fresh air.

Are you tired of spending time and money on your lawn with no results? You've done the basics of watering, mowing, fertilizing and still it's not enough! For a greener, thicker, healthier lawn you need to do what the Pros do! You need to aerate! Insects, diseases, improper watering and lack of fertilizer are often blamed for a lawn's decline when the real culprit is soil compaction. Lawn aeration is the only method to alleviate soil compaction, thus giving root systems the adequate amount of air, water, and fertilizer to create a healthy green lawn.

Since 1981 Four Seasons Lawn Aeration INC. has been the industry leader in the service of aerating and dethatching lawns in San Diego County.

Serving San Diego County:

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